Slick Gorilla

GAME ON! With Slick Gorilla

The Slick Gorilla Gang hit the arcade for some clean cuts & cool vibes.


Slick Gorilla Neon

To kick off March Slick Gorilla brought it's A game at NQ64 Manchester. Sam Rascal was on hand to Trim & Style the SG Gang in neon settings making them look the part on camera.

Slick Gorilla Blonde Haircut

The vibes were Chilled & Slick all day long, this setting fits Slick Gorilla perfectly and the results of this Shoot came out SLICK. The perfect combo of Hair Products, On Point cuts and Cool settings .


Slick Gorilla Games

Slick Gorilla Hair Spray launches soon, keep your eyes on our social media @Slickgorilla Instagram & Tiktok